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Professor LIVE On-Demand Videos

The Professor LIVE On-Demand Videos.

Provided by Services from RINGCENTRAL in conjunction with GLIP

Click, to sign up for your FREE account. This will connect you to our LIVE features.
You do not need a camera, and a mic is optional. There are message facilities also available.
This service also provides you with 1-to-1 LIVE help with use of video chat or screen share from the Laughing Professor to answer your questions and provide live tutorials specifically for your needs.
We have opted to do in this manner, to enable ALL customers to have access, and not just Facebook.
Send me a message/email to ask for any specific video/subject that you would like covered.

We also offer tuition using google chrome remote viewer This option uses a secure connection that can only be authorised by you. Allowing us to provide live demo on your screen of the help you would like - Website questions/editing or coreldraw artwork/vectors. 

Some LIVE Videos are then hosted on our YouTube Channel